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ICBC (Europe) S.A. (“the Bank”) has continually strived to integrate ESG as an integral part of the governance structure and taken steps to show that we, as an organisation operating in and influencing the economy and stakeholders in society and nature, are taking climate change seriously. The significance of climate change and environmental degradation cannot be understated, and therefore we are placing sustainability as a pivotal part of what the Bank does. We are developing new ESG risk measurement frameworks, and working diligently to integrate ESG risk considerations in existing macroprudential risk categories. 

We recognise that being a sustainable bank operating and doing business in Europe, necessitates that we integrate sustainability and ESG in our own operations, our financing and loan activities, and the services and products we offer to clients and the economy. This in turn has led the Bank to strive for increased and sustained activity within the fields of climate change mitigation, climate change adaptation, climate and environmental risk, human rights, financial health, business ethics, biodiversity protection, remediation and preservation as well as other ESG issues in scope. 

ICBC (Europe) organized tree planting in 2022 and 2023

ICBC (Europe) put into action the idea of biodiversity by planting wild fruit trees around Luxembourg in December 2022. Employees of the subsidiary actively participated in the event and played their part in preserving the biodiversity the local community relies on and maintaining a sustainable ecosystem.

On the occasion of the COP28 in Dubai, ICBC (Europe) reconfirmed its commitment to sustainable development by organizing the wild tree planting on 16 December 2023 in Kautenbach, Luxembourg. More than 500 oak and beech trees were planted by employees and family members during the activity. 

ICBC (Europe) ranked top 3 in Luxembourg International Dragon Boat Festival

ICBC (Europe) won the 3rd position in the first edition of the Luxembourg International Dragon Boat Festival which took place on the River Moselle in Remich, Luxembourg on 4 June 2023. A total of eleven teams competed in races with three dragon boats over distances of around 250 meters and ICBC (Europe) was the only Chinese bank ranking in the top three teams.